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Rationalization of narcissism, gaslighting, love bombing

Explanation of narcissism, gaslighting, love bombing

Suppose you may spot a narcissist?

Folks use the time period loosely to explain those that are self-absorbed, entitled, and manipulative, from overbearing mother and father to damaging exes. However narcissism is a posh phenomenon that’s usually misunderstood and oversimplified.

Narcissists could be controlling and illiberal whereas refusing to acknowledge wrongdoing. As an alternative, they are going to use a wide range of manipulative methods to flee the blame and perpetuate the abuse. Generally, they “trick” you into questioning your emotions and ignoring their crimson flags. Or they use “baiting” to deliberately provoke you whenever you wish to be left alone. Even after the connection ends, the emotional abuse can proceed with ways like “vacuuming.”

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