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The connection between magnesium and diabetes

The relationship between magnesium and diabetes

Magnesium is a crucial nutrient for the well being of the physique as a result of it capabilities as a cofactor for over 300 enzymes and is concerned in varied processes, together with the synthesis of central nervous system neurotransmitters and the manufacturing and launch of mobile vitality.

Magnesium additionally regulates main organic processes, resembling muscle contraction, coagulation, coronary heart charge and blood stress. Some scientific analysis research have underlined the significance of magnesium within the metabolism of carbohydrates and within the administration of diabetic and pre-diabetic topics.

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The full physique quantity of magnesium (Mg2+) fluctuates between 20 and 28 g, with greater than 99% contained within the intracellular area, primarily within the bones (50-65%), the place, along with calcium and phosphorus, it contributes to the formation of the skeleton, but in addition within the muscular tissues, smooth tissues and organs (34-39%) and fewer than 1-2% in blood and extracellular fluids.

Leafy inexperienced greens, legumes, grains and bananas are meals wealthy in magnesium.

The dearth of this mineral causes a rise in muscle excitability, which causes cramps, complications, bodily and psychological fatigue, irritability and insomnia.

Magnesium absorption

About 20-80% of dietary magnesium is absorbed within the small gut, significantly in components of the duodenum and ileum, with solely a small proportion being absorbed within the massive gut. Absorption happens by way of two totally different mechanisms. The passive mechanism will depend on the focus gradient established between the gut and the blood circulation; the sort of absorption takes place paracellularly, by way of tight junctions between the enterocytes.

The energetic mechanism happens by way of a transcellular pathway by way of particular transporters generally known as TRPM6/7 (transient receptor potential melastatin 6/7), which permit magnesium to movement from the apical to the basolateral facet of the intestinal cell (enterocyte) after which into the bloodstream .

Solely 30-40% of the overall quantity of magnesium integrated within the food plan is absorbed by the human physique.

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Magnesium and diabetes

Sustaining a secure magnesium focus seems to be a necessary requirement for carbohydrate metabolism. It’s value noting that some scientific analysis research have discovered a robust correlation between an absence of magnesium within the blood (hypomagnesaemia) and the presence of sort 2 diabetes mellitus, a persistent illness characterised by excessive ranges of glucose within the blood (hyperglycemia) on account of a distorted quantity or operate of the hormone insulin.

Plasma ranges of magnesium are primarily decided by 4 processes: magnesium uptake, intestinal absorption, renal excretion, and redistribution of minerals inside the physique. Aside from dietary deficiencies that may result in a magnesium deficiency, it has been scientifically confirmed that the gastrointestinal transit and absorption mechanisms of the mineral are severely impaired in folks with sort 2 diabetes mellitus.

Present proof means that the state of hyperglycemia, attribute of diabetic pathology, and the ensuing osmotic diuresis, impacts the flexibility of the kidney to reabsorb magnesium, which might in any other case be eradicated within the urine (hypermagnesiuria).

Decreased physique ranges of magnesium have been linked to problems of diabetes, resembling retinopathy, hypertension, persistent kidney illness and leg ulcers.

Magnesium ranges in diabetics should be monitored repeatedly as a result of, along with issues, these sufferers typically obtain drug therapies resembling diuretics and gastroprotectors (proton pump inhibitors), the detrimental results of which trigger a lower in magnesium within the physique.

Consequently, following a wholesome and balanced food plan may help diabetics with hypomagnesaemia restore the right degree of magnesium within the physique. If the food plan fails, they can make up for this deficiency by attempting to take particular dietary dietary supplements.


The important thing distinction is that not all dietary supplements available on the market have the identical sort of magnesium. Magnesium may be present in a wide range of salts.

  • Natural (resembling pidulated magnesium)
  • Inorganic (resembling magnesium oxide)
  • Chelates (resembling magnesium bisglycinate)

Amongst them, magnesium oxide (MgO) has the best content material of elemental magnesium, though its absorption by the physique is extraordinarily restricted.

To unravel this downside, PharmaNutra SpA has developed UltraMag®a meals complement based mostly on magnesium oxide that makes use of sucrosomial® know-how, through which the mineral is transmitted by the Sucrosoma®a matrix composed of phospholipids and sucrose esters of fatty acids (sucresters).

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This new construction permits magnesium to be absorbed in bigger portions by the human physique with out interfering with its conventional absorption pathway.

When a wholesome and balanced food plan is taken into account insufficient, UltraMag® consumption could be a viable resolution to revive the correct amount of magnesium within the physique.

The dosage of magnesium oxide in UltraMag® is 375 mg, equivalent to 100% of the advisable every day allowance (RDA). We subsequently suggest taking one sachet a day, dissolved in a glass of water, at any time of the day.

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