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What occurs to your physique after 100 push-ups a day for 30 days? BOSTROX

Alternative exercises for the chest

There is a fashionable health problem the place you need to full 100 push-ups a day for 30 days. On this video Jeremy Ethier explores the idea, exhibits you learn how to get higher and stronger, and breaks down the problem itself.

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Push-ups are a kind of power coaching train that primarily targets the chest, triceps, and shoulder muscle groups. They’re carried out by beginning in a plank place with fingers shoulder-width aside on the bottom, toes pointing ahead, and ft collectively. The physique needs to be in a straight line from head to heels.


To carry out a push up, decrease your physique to the ground by bending your elbows whereas conserving your physique straight. Then push again as much as the beginning place by straightening your arms. This completes one rep. Push-ups will be modified by altering the place of your fingers and ft, akin to spreading your fingers huge or slender, or doing them in your knees as an alternative of your toes.

Push-ups are a well-liked train as a result of they require no tools and will be completed nearly anyplace. They’re additionally efficient for constructing higher physique power, enhancing core stability, and growing total health.

Jeremy Ethier is an authorized power and conditioning specialist, kinesiologist and health influencer. He’s recognized for his evidence-based method to health and diet and his fashionable YouTube channel, Jeremy Ethier, the place he offers informative movies on subjects akin to power coaching, diet and fats loss. .

Supply: Minna Hamalainen

Ethier’s method to health emphasizes the significance of scientific analysis and evidence-based practices. It advocates a balanced method to train and diet, specializing in progressive overload and correct kind in power coaching, and emphasizing entire meals and nutrient-dense consuming habits for optimum well being and weight administration.


Why are body weight workouts efficient?

Body weight workouts are efficient for quite a lot of causes:

  • Comfort: Body weight workouts will be carried out anyplace, anytime, with out the necessity for particular tools. This comfort makes them a straightforward approach to incorporate train into your each day routine.
  • Accessibility: Everybody has a physique, and body weight workouts use your physique as resistance, making them accessible to folks of all health ranges.
  • Purposeful Energy: Body weight workouts prepare the physique to work as a complete, enhancing practical power and suppleness in a means that may be transferred to each day actions and sports activities.
  • Selection: There’s all kinds of body weight workouts to select from, permitting you to focus on completely different muscle teams and maintain your exercises fascinating and difficult.
  • Progressive Overloading: By adjusting the issue of the train or including reps or units, you possibly can progressively overload your muscle groups and proceed to see positive aspects in power and endurance over time.
  • Decreased Danger of Harm: Body weight workouts are typically safer than workouts with heavy weights, as there’s a decrease danger of damage from falling weights or improper kind.

What are the advantages of exercising at dwelling?

Exercising at dwelling has a number of advantages, together with:

Comfort: Residence exercise means that you can train everytime you need, with out having to journey to the health club or health club. This may prevent money and time on transportation.

Flexibility: Residence exercises provide the flexibility to tailor your exercise routine to suit your schedule and preferences. You may select the workouts you wish to do and set your individual tempo.

Confidentiality: Exercising at dwelling presents privateness and the liberty to train in snug garments with out worrying about what others may assume. This may be particularly useful for inexperienced persons or those that really feel uncomfortable within the health club.

Low cost: Understanding at dwelling eliminates the necessity for costly health club memberships or tools. You need to use body weight workouts or put money into some fundamental tools to create an efficient exercise area.

Decreased distractions: At dwelling, you possibly can keep away from the distractions of different gym-goers or loud music. This can assist you focus in your exercise and get probably the most out of your coaching session.

Decreased publicity to germs: Exercising at dwelling can cut back your publicity to germs and sicknesses generally present in public locations like gyms, particularly throughout flu seasons or pandemics.

What’s progressive overload in coaching?

Progressive overload is a power coaching precept that entails steadily growing the calls for positioned on the physique throughout train to be able to constantly obtain positive aspects in power, endurance, or muscle mass. The idea is predicated on the concept the physique will adapt to the calls for positioned on it, and to be able to maintain making progress, it’s essential to consistently problem your self to work tougher.

The aim of progressive overload is to steadily enhance the workload on the physique over time. This may be achieved in plenty of methods, together with:

  • Growing weight: That is the commonest approach to apply progressive overload. By including extra weight to an train, you enhance resistance in your muscle groups, forcing them to adapt and get stronger.
  • Enhance Reps: One other approach to apply progressive overload is to extend the variety of reps carried out for an train. This can assist enhance muscle endurance.
  • Growing units: Including extra units to an train can even assist enhance the workload and depth of a exercise, selling muscle progress and power positive aspects.
  • Decreasing relaxation time: Shortening the remaining intervals between units can enhance the depth of a exercise, resulting in elevated cardiovascular endurance and calorie burn.
  • Train modification: Various the workouts carried out can assist problem your muscle groups in numerous methods, selling total power positive aspects and stopping boredom.

The important thing to progressive overload is to steadily enhance your workload over time, relatively than making sudden, drastic modifications. This permits the physique to adapt and proceed making progress whereas minimizing the chance of damage or exhaustion.

The Muscle groups Of The Chest

The chest muscle groups, or pectoral muscle groups, are a gaggle of muscle groups positioned within the entrance of the chest. They’re answerable for a number of necessary arm and shoulder actions, together with pushing, pulling, and lifting.

The 2 essential muscle groups that make up the chest muscle groups are:

Bib: The pectoralis main is the bigger of the 2 chest muscle groups and is positioned within the higher chest. It has two heads, the clavicular head, which originates from the clavicle, and the sternocostal head, which originates from the sternum and higher ribs. The pectoralis main is answerable for adduction of the arm (transferring the arm in the direction of the physique), flexion of the arm (drawing the arm in the direction of the chest), and medial rotation of the arm (rotating the arm inward).

pectoralis minor: The pectoralis minor is a smaller muscle positioned below the pectoralis main. It originates from the third, fourth and fifth ribs and inserts into the scapula. The pectoralis minor is answerable for scapular protraction (transferring the scapula away from the backbone) and downward rotation.

Collectively, the pectoral muscle groups are necessary for a lot of higher physique actions, akin to pushing a heavy object, doing push-ups, or throwing a ball. Constructing power and endurance in your chest muscle groups can enhance total higher physique power and assist stop shoulder and again accidents.

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